And then it was dark. The unconscious footballer rescued his opponent

The end of the first half came close when Robin Elšík, the slave midfielder, tried to keep the ball on the board. It happened to him. But after a tumbling kick, a 21-year-old footballer hit the rail and stayed behind the goal line.

“We did not notice that at first, only the main referee called for a home run for the treatment,” says Captain Blanska Lukáš Koláček.

At that moment, he did not fight for three points on the MSFL table in Sunday’s duel, but for a bare life. Although Cage was not the first to run to the injured footballer, he was one of the first players to understand the seriousness of the situation.And he immediately knelt down to the impoverished adversary.

“When I saw it, it was clear to me that we had to open his mouth as soon as possible, pulling his tongue in a locked position and putting him in a stabilized position,” says a 32-year-old defender, along with the slave coach Mark Sedlak became commander of a rescue operation.

“I’ve been through something like this during my gaming career. Two men clasped their heads, one betting online unconscious with a tongue in the dark. I remember we could not open his jaw, we used a corner flag at that time, “Sedlák’s head snapped.

And now the situation was serious.The wounded midfielder began to shake, and after the impact in the railing, the blood flowed from the trickle of his head, and the tongue of his tongue did not go out. “We did it and ruffle, and it was not in consciousness,” says the Captain of Blanca. “It was a matter of seconds when we were fighting for life. The longer he was breathless, the more fatal the consequences could be. ”

Even better timing has prevented more misfortune. And when Elšík was carrying the ambulances to the ambulances, the audience’s applause was already drawn. “The diagnosis was a severe jolt of the brain.It was my worst football experience, “says Elšík, who spent the night in the hospital under the supervision of doctors.

You do not remember much from the unfortunate moment. “I was returning the ball back to the field, and my legs were trapped and I slammed into the railing,” said Zlín. “Then it was online betting bonuses dark. I think I was two minutes away. ”

The three-pointy cat eventually won home Victory 1: 0, giving the newcomer from Blanska the fifth competitive defeat in a row. The captain of the guests was still worried about it. “I got the Robin number from the home manager and wrote him not only for his name but for the whole club FK Blansko early healing and a quick return to the lawn.” And on Tuesday, he whispered to Koláček a reply message: I’m in order at home.Thanks for rescue. “And when we go next to Blansko, I will also take a liquid thank you,” plans Elsik, who must maintain the rest of the week by the end of the week. “I have a total exit ban on doctors. In two weeks, I could fly into it. ”

In Otrokovice, he resolves to deal with the iron rail that is right behind the rails. “Every court must be fenced. The railing standards meet, although on the lower limit, “Sedlák coaches shoulder. “If the pitch on each side would be reduced by a meter, it would be safer. But like everything, it’s a matter of finance. “