There is a dangerously good atmosphere among the players, he told ME Pelta

The Czech delegation arrived in Tours on Tuesday, where the team has a base during the European Championship in France, Miroslav Pelta, chairman of the FAČR.

He praises the good atmosphere around the team and believes that the team will win the first points in the tournament after an initial loss of 0: 1 with Spain in the second match of the group on Friday with Croatia.

“Atmosphere between The player is dangerously good, I see that everything works, the players are tasty, the chef is excellent, there is no news to worry me, there is no trouble, we will probably do an artificial affair, “he joked in an interview with reporter Pelta.

Staying in Tours with the team was planned ahead. “After completing the first match and fulfilling social responsibilities, I moved to Tours.I participated in the dinner and breakfast team, with most of the players I spoke informally. It is clear to everyone that the match with Croatia is about what our ambitions will be in the struggle to advance from the group, “added Pelta.

Four years ago, at Euro Euro He lost, despite defeating 1: 4 with Russia then managed to move from the first place. “The result 1: 4 with Russia in Wroclaw is something other than to lose Spain with 0: 1. We did a lot better performance, but we also have no points, and we need to mobilize everything on Friday. I see this so it’s important to be serious, so it’s always better if the top management communicates with both the players and the implementation team.Everything must be done to be successful on Friday, “Pelta said.

The crew believes. ” If I do not, I can not do it. However, it should be said that Friday’s rival is very good, perhaps by the composition of the center line. On the other hand, the performance in the first tactical match that was coached by the coach was very good. We need to build on this and we will have to be more courageous in the future. I believe that for Croatia we will be a very unpleasant rival, “Pelta said, adding that he would score four points from the remaining duels in the group with the Croats and the Turks. ” But we will see each match. I’m an optimist, “he added.

The Tours base surprised him. ” A beautiful stadium, playground, hotel, everyone smiles at us.It organizes it perfectly at all levels, organizers’ readiness is high, “said Pelt.

He was thrilled by the support that players had at the first Toulouse match with Spain. The capacity was 33 thousand and it seemed to me that a third is from us. The Czech spectator, although it is far off and economically challenging, has arrived. I think we have learned Spanish to make Mexican waves, we have been the leader of the stadium. Our fans did a fantastic job and in the same vein it should be with the Croats. I’m really surprised that Czech football and the Nation has absolute public support, “Pelta said.

Just before the Friday match, the team plans to encourage the team personally. ” It is similar to the club Level.I will want to make the positive pressure with the Secretary-General at the last minute, “he added.

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